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-home - 2008 Employee Recognition Day


Pictures taken at McGee Park when awards were given on December 4, 2008 to some NNEPA employees.


to Eugene Esplain for 20 years of dedicated services.









to Ronnie Ben for 15 years of dedicated services.







Delfred Gene
Public Water Systems Supervision Program
Surface and Ground Water Protection Department, NNEPA












Steve Austin
Senior Hydrologist
Water Quality/NNPDES Program
Surface and Ground Water Protection Department, NNEPA

  • Hydrologist with Water Quality Program since 1998
  • Monitors streams, lakes, and springs for compliance with Navajo Surface Water Quality Standards
  • Maintains the Water Quality database
  • Prepares Clean Water Act Section 401 Certifications for projects in my region
  • Conducts field investigations of oil and gas releases
  • Works with oil and gas industry, power plants, coal mines, Department of Energy, NAPI, state and tribal Departments of Transportation, etc. on Clean Water Act compliance issues
  • Reviews environmental documents to ensure compliance with Clean Water Act and Navajo Surface Water Quality Standards
  • Assists with program regulatory development
  • Assists with post-fire rehabilitation as part of the Navajo BAER Team



John Plummer
Environmental Technician
Radon Program
Air & Toxics Department, NNEPA

  • Environmental Technician with the Radon Program since 2001
  • conducts radon testing in schools (Head Starts, BIA schools, public schools), and in homes upon request by home owners, targets Navajo Nation-wide.
  • Performs Radon-Related presentations to schools and other groups requesting presentations.
  • Work cooperatively with non-profit organizations to demonstrate the installation of Radon reduction systems  in new constructions, etc, homes,
  • Assist  tribal departments with Air Quality issues in work places.