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General Assistance Program (GAP)

GAP Activities:

Navajo Nation Environmental Protection Agency (NNEPA) General Assistance Program provides for a number of services and benefits to NNEPA and to the communities and people throughtout the Navajo Nation. GAP allows for the development and execution of the an annual NNEPA conference. These conferences allow increase accessibility of NNEPA programs to the communities. Various outreach activites facilitate a direct response to community concerns to improve community waste managment practices via the Operation Green Day efforts. NNEPA is also involved with Abandoned Uranium Mines (AUM) Collaborative efforts.

Navajo EPA will be hosting an annual confrenece during the spring of every year.


  • Projects and Program Specialist:
  • Juanita Dennison928.871.7798juanitadennsion@navajo.org
  • Sr. Public Informaiton Officer
  • Lillie Lane928.871.6092nozhoogo_nasha@yahoo.com
  • Sr. Information Systems Technican
  • CJ Kedelty928.871.6884cjk@navajo.org

    Operation Green Day:

    The most successful aspect of GAP seems to be the Operation Green Day for FY02. GAP will continue to coordinate with NNEPA/RCRA (Resource Conservation and Recovery Act) Program to motivate Chapters and communities toward the clean-up, collection and proper transport of solid waste littering the lands (Coyote Canyon Chapter and Red Rock Chapter Green Day).

    EEMS (Electronic Environmental Management System):

    EEMS will serve as a means to track Navajo Nation compliance with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) for development projects proposed on the Navajo Nation that require NEPA review/compliance.

    Public Outreach:

    GAP staff (Sr. PIO) participates in many public outreach events and formal meetings. KTNN's Focus Program is one venue that NNEPA uses to provide outreach with bilingual translation of NNEPA information distributed in print, radio, and TV/Video.

    NNEPA/GAP's Sr. PIO (Public Information Officer) Lillie Lane at Navajo Nation Fair information booth hall with NNEPA/Superfund Program's Eugene Esplain.