Black Mesa Coal Mine

Peabody operates the Kayenta Mine through lease agreements with the Navajo Nation and the Hopi Tribe. The mine mines about 8 million tons of coal annually under complex geologic conditions from multiple seams and splits of seams ranging in thickness from three to 18 feet. Kayenta's coal is shipped to the Navajo Generating Station near Page, Ariz. The Black Mesa Mine, which shipped about 5 million tons of coal annually to the Mohave Generating Station near Laughlin, Nev., suspended operations in 2005 following Mohave's decision to shut down. Peabody Western continues working with the tribes to identify coal-related opportunities that would allow the Black Mesa Mine to resume operations.

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Permit #:             Facility Name:            Location:           County:       State:
NN-OP 08-010     Kayenta Complex         Kayenta         Navajo         AZ
Issue Date:         Expiration Date:                                     AFS Plant ID:    Permitting Authority:
12/07/2009           12/07/2014                                         04-017-NAV01     NNEPA















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