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Laws & Regulations

This Section of the Navajo Nation EPA Laws & Regulations are not meant for official copies.

If you would like an official copy of any of the following Laws & Regulations please contact the right EPA office.



Navajo Nation Environmental Protection Act
Navajo Nation Air Pollution Prevention and Control Act
Navajo Nation Safe Drinking Water Act
Navajo Nation Pesticide Act
Navajo Nation Solid Waste Act
Navajo Nation Underground Storage Tank Act
Navajo Nation Clean Water Act
Navajo Nation CERCLA-2000


Navajo Nation Solid Waste Regulations
Navajo Nation Pollutant Discharge Elimination System Program Regulations
Navajo Nation Water Quality Standards
Navajo Nation Air Quality Control Program: Operating Permit Regulations
Navajo Nation Primary Drinking Water Regulations
Navajo Nation Underground Injection Control Regulations
NN Uniform Regs: Permit Review, Administrative Enforcement Orders, Hearings, & Rulemakings (NN Environmental Acts)

Information here has not been update, therefore if you have any question or concerns please call the operator NNEPA office.
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