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Hazardous Waste


Mission Statement:
To ensure that the facilities that generate, transport, treat, store, and dispose of hazardous waste comply with the federal hazardous waste regulations.

Regulated Community:

The NNEPA Hazardous Waste Program inspects 185 facilities that generate hazardous waste.
The facilities include tribal, county, state, and federal facilities, the coal mines, the power plants, private industries, educational facilities, and small businesses.

What is Hazardous Waste?

Hazardous Waste can be any type of solid, liquid, or contained gaseous material that you no longer use and have either recycled, dicarded, or stored until you have enough to treat or dispose of. When not handled or disposed of carefully this waste could:

because injury or be fatal
damage the environment


Identify non-notifiers who generate:
Hazardous Waste
Conduct Inspections
Support EPA Enforcement Activities
Provide technical assistance & hazardous waste workshops


Using an unqualified contractor to transport & dispose of Hazardous Waste.
Not all facilities train their workers who are rsponsible for managing and handling hazardous waste.

Do not buy used 55-gallon drums & containers for use to store water or livestock feed, or to modify into a livestock feed trough or barbeque grill.


Improve communication
Verify qualifications for all hazardous waste contractors
Ensure personnel training
Purchase environment "friendly" products to avoid generating hazardous waste
Implement pollution prevention and waste minimization programs
Consider vendors who will exchange & refill empty containers
Secure financial resources
2003 Hazardous Waste Report Form - Navajo Nation EPA
2003 Hazardous Waste Instructions and Forms - USEPA
Notification of Regulatory Waste Activity